Ultimate information at the smallest scale

Achieving faster processing speeds, increased reliability, lower power requirements, increased data storage, and reduced production costs are just some of the challenges in microelectronics. As processors and device components decrease in size, the complexity increases. Thus, imaging and analysis challenges increase, as well.

Fischione offers numerous products that support electron microscopy for electronics applications.

Product Listing

PicoMill® TEM specimen preparation system
TEM Mill
SEM Mill
For use with the Model 1061 SEM Mill
Turbo Pumping Station
Vacuum Transfer Tomography Holder
WaferMill™ ion beam delayering solution
Specimen Grinder
Ultrasonic Disk Cutter
XTEM Prep Kit
Dimpling Grinder
Plasma Cleaner
NanoMill® TEM specimen preparation system
Advanced Tomography Holder
Analytical Tomography Holder
Ultra-Narrow Gap Tomography Holder
Dual-Axis Tomography Holder
Motorized Dual-Axis Tomography Holder
On-Axis Rotation Tomography Holder
Annular Dark Field (ADF) Detector
Vacuum Storage Container
Vacuum Pumping Station